IV or Intravenous Extravasation or Infiltration refers to when toxic medications that are being administered through an IV infiltrate into the surrounding skin or tissue instead of into the vein.  An IV infiltration can be very serious to the integrity of a patient's skin. Shedding and skin necrosis may result, in addition to full thickness skin and muscle necrosis.  Skin grafting and plastic surgery may be required in the more serious cases. 

Some of the signs and symptoms of IV infiltration/extravasation are:

  • swelling
  • pain
  • coolness of skin
  • leakage at site
  • erythema
  • blistering
  • lack of blood return

Immediately notify your medical provider upon suspicion of any of these signs or symptoms while it may still be early enough to avoid a permanent and serious injury or burn.  If you suffer a serious injury or burn as a result of in IV infiltration consult an experienced  medical malpractice lawyer.

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