When a business is damaged by fire, the owners may wonder whether they will be able to keep their business going after experiencing such a major loss. An oft-quoted statistic from Chubb paints a grim picture, indicating that seventy percent of businesses involved in a major fire fail within three years. Business owners should not let this statistic discourage them because not all fires are major, and because there are things that they can do to increase their chances of surviving a fire or other disaster.

Businesses can and do recover from fire damage. One business in Lee County is currently recovering after an arsonist set their shop on fire. A security camera helped investigators determine that the fire at The Blue Collar Barbershop was caused by arson. As the camera rolled, it captured an explosion inside of the barber shop and a man running out the back door.

The barber shop sustained a lot of damage, some of which was caused by the fire, and some which was caused by the sprinklers which kept the fire from damaging more of the building. It is likely to take some time to complete the necessary repairs at the shop’s original location, but the shop’s loyal customers do not have to go without a haircut for that long. The owner of the barber shop has moved into a temporary location in an adjacent strip mall, and business is just as good as ever.

If your business is damaged by fire, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to do much of anything at all. Unfortunately, this natural tendency can work against you when it comes to recovering for the damages that your business has sustained. As you think about how to go about picking up the pieces of your business after a fire, consider taking action on insurance recovery as soon as possible. Taking prompt action to notify your insurers and document your losses is just as important as engaging in the more physical aspects of disaster recovery, if not even more so. In addition to taking prompt action on insurance recovery, it is important that you prepare yourself both emotionally and physically for the possibility that you may have to fight with your insurance company about whether coverage exists, amounts of coverage, or other issues.  As you prepare to engage with your insurers regarding your fire damage claims, know that there are people who you can count on to help you during this difficult time.

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