Most people don’t think about the possibility of a house fire very often. Perhaps they review escape routes with their families once in a while, they change the smoke detector batteries when they get low, or they go back inside to double check whether they have turned off the stove when they think of it. On most days, however, the thought of a house fire doesn’t cross many people’s minds.

Unfortunately, there are house fires in Florida every day. One thing that homeowners can do to protect themselves, their families, and their homes from fire is to understand the most common causes of house fires. Understanding what causes house fires can help homeowners know what steps to take to reduce fire risk in their own homes.

The National Fire Protection Association has identified the leading causes of house fires. Cooking is the most common source of house fires. It is estimated that forty percent of all house fires are caused by cooking. Cooking fires start on top of the stove more often than in the oven, and frying is the type of food preparation which carries the highest fire risk. Homeowners can reduce the risk of a kitchen fire by staying close to the kitchen when food is cooking, and by having working smoke detectors nearby.

Candles cause nearly thirty house fires in America every day. Many candle fires start in the bedroom, and candle fires are often caused when candles are left unattended too close to flammable materials. If you use candles, be sure to keep them at least twelve inches away from anything that could burn, and blow them out before leaving the room or going to sleep.

Children are notorious for being curious, and sometimes that curiosity can get them into trouble. Children are actually a leading cause of house fires. When kids encounter matches or lighters around the house, they often play with them, not realizing just how dangerous they are. Parents can reduce the risk that children will start a fire in their home by supervising children closely, teaching children fire safety at a young age, and keeping matches and lighters out of reach of children and out of their sight.

Many house fires are electrical fires. Electrical fires can be caused by faulty wiring, overheated or malfunctioning appliances or overloaded circuits or extension cords, among other things. Using outlets and cords properly reduces the risk of electrical fires, as do regular inspections of your home’s wires. Electricity also often plays a role in another common cause of house fires, Christmas trees. Don’t leave Christmas lights on overnight, and take your tree down before it gets dry.

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