Property owners are responsible for maintaining their land. If you own acres of land, you know that it takes effort, and, in some cases, specialized equipment to maintain your property in a safe, productive, and attractive manner. Additionally, each property has its unique landscape features and challenges, such as swamp land or forest, so there are many different types of projects that property owners can use to maintain their properties.

Fortunately, there may be local resources available that can help you with some of your property maintenance projects, such as controlled burns. Owners of farmland and forest land know that if too much dry brush and leaf litter collects on the ground, the risk of fire increases dramatically. Controlled burning reduces wildfire risk, but it takes time and effort to prepare an area for a controlled burn and to conduct the burn in a safe manner. The Florida Forest Service works with private land owners who wish to do controlled burns and other types of fire prevention activities on their properties.

One example of a situation in which the Forest Service helped land owners with a fire prevention project on their land involves a property in Marianna. The Forest Service brought heavy equipment out to the property and used it to create fire lines on the property by tearing out and mulching lines of vegetation. This reduced the risk of fire on the subject property, and it also reduced the risk to other homes and land on parcels that are adjacent to the land where the fire lines were created.

The Florida Forest Service Fire Mitigation Team serves many areas within the state of Florida. The team rotates its allocation of professionals and equipment throughout the areas that it serves. The team focuses its efforts on properties that are located in areas where wild lands connect with residential and urban areas, and it provides its services free of charge. Landowners who are not in the service areas or whose land does not qualify for assistance because it is not close enough to residences or other buildings can often find private contractors who can help them with the knowledge, labor, and equipment that they need to complete fire prevention projects and other types of property maintenance.

Fire prevention is an important practice for Florida landowners, but although you may reduce fire risk substantially, the risk of fire is never completely eliminated. Fires can cause massive amounts of damage to properties, leaving property owners in a precarious position. 

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