Ask Mr. Tucker about his ordeal with trying to obtain approval for his long term disability insurance claim and his response is "hellish."   Mr. Tucker, who is an accountant, supports his wife, two daughters and a baby grandson.  He developed multiple sclerosis.  Unable to do his work, he filed for long term disability insurance benefits through his insurer, Standard Insurance Company.  Eleven doctors confirmed that Mr. Tucker, indeed, suffered from Multiple Sclerosis ("MS"). 

After submitting all of his medical reports and application package to the insurance company, all he could do was wait as his insurer mailed Mr. Tucker notices requesting additional information.  After months of waiting, he hired a lawyer to represent him in the claim.   Good Morning America also decided to air his case on national TV.

After his lawyer obtained copies of his file from the insurance company, a letter from the insurance companoy's "in house" physician stated that Mr. Tucker could in fact continue to work in a sedentary job and that his medical reports did not support the diagnosis of MS.  Mr. Tucker and his attorney were shocked considering the fact that this "in house" doctor had never met, much less examined, Mr. Tucker and that his opinion went against the opinions of 11 other doctors that did confirm MS.

The claim was eventually approved the day after GMA contacted the insurer about Mr. Tucker's pending claim.

Disability insurance carriers hire "in house" doctors to review claims in search of ways to delay and deny valid claims.  In the meantime, insureds struggle to survive in the absence of the paid for and promised benefits.

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