Liquor bar liability is an area of law recognized as "dram shop" liability.  Dram shop liability holds liquor stores, bars and any other establishments that serve or sell liquor negligent for the injuries or death caused to third parties by their intoxicated customers or patrons.  An establishment may also be held liable for the injuries suffered by one's own patrons.  In order to be liable under Florida's dram shop liability statute, the establishment must have "knowingly" served alcoholic drinks or liquor products to:

  • Alcoholics
  • Drunks
  • Habitual Drinkers
  • Visibly Drunk Patron
  • Minors

For example, if a patron is visibly intoxicated and the establishment continues to knowingly sell or serve alcoholic drinks and the patron later causes a car accident resulting in injuries or even death to third parties, the establishment may be held liable under Florida's dram shop statute.

Most liquor bar or dram shop liability cases surface because a drunken patron is responsible for causing a car accident that resulted in catastrophic type injuries or wrongful death to others.  Accidents involving drunk driving or DUI are more complicated than your typical motor vehicle crash accident.  

Liquor bar or dram shop liability can include any of the following establishments or negligent parties:

  • Caterer
  • Concert Hall and Related Entities
  • Event Thrower
  • Homeowner
  • Hotel
  • Liquor Bar
  • Liquor Lounge
  • Liquor Store
  • Local Bar
  • Negligent Bartender
  • Nightclub
  • Party Giver
  • Reception Hall Owner
  • Restaurant
  • Serving Liquor to Minors or Underage Drinkers
  • Social Host
  • Stadium
  • Tavern
  • Any Establishment that Sells or Serves Alcohol

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