Life insurance companies for years have turned a blind eye to the death of life insurance policyholders.  Instead of making any attempt to find the rightful beneficiaries of the death benefits upon the death of a policyholder, these life insurance companies have held on to the money earning interest on the money for years, even decades, and often forever, as in the cases where the beneficiaries do not surface.  This, in spite of the fact, that life insurance companies have access to the U.S. Social Security Administration's Death Master File. Hello?  You know the same file that insurance companies use to find dead policyholders when it suits their interest, as when they go out and find dead annuity beneficiaries so they can stop making annuity payments.  So when Florida, along with other states, passed a law to require life insurance companies to search the U.S. Social Security Administration's Death Master File for purposes of finding dead policyholders and to use that information to try to locate beneficiaries what do they do?  Well, they sued, of course.  These insurance companies have asked a court to block a law that would require them to find the rightful owners of these benefits.  Shameful.   

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