The "contestability period", in the context of life insurance claims, is the two year period following the date that the insurance policy goes into effect.  If the insured dies during this two year period, the insurance company will conduct a post claims underwriting investigation.  This investigation can cause significant delays in the payment of the policy procceeds.  During this investigation, the insurance company will request the insured's medical history, driving record, conduct a criminal background check, order a credit report, obtain employment records, review the insured's insurance claims history, check social media accounts, etc.  The insurance company will do all of this and scour the insured's statements made on the application for life insurance with a fine tooth comb to determine if the insured made any statements on the appication for insurance that rise to the level of "material misrepresenatations".  If the insurance company determines that any "material misrepresentations" were made  to questions on the application for insurance, it will deny the claim.  As soon as a beneficiary runs into resistance from a life insurance company on a claim or learns that the owner of the policy died during the two year "contestability period" the beneficiary is well advised to retain the services of an experienced life insurance claims attorney. Insurance companies often get claim denials wrong.  If you are facing a claim denial or are being stonewalled or lowballed by your insurance company, contact our office for a free and confidentail consultation.  

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