As homeowners across Florida are in the process of recovering from torrential storms, the tedious process of dealing with Florida property insurance companies over roof leak claims now becomes a priority.  Insurance companies frequently promote convenient fictions to keep policyholders from filing a claim.  Some myths promoted by insurance companies to demoralize policyholders so that they forgo their right to bring a claim after paying premiums for many years are:

Myth #1: If you file a claim against your policy, the insurance company will raise your premiums.

Not always true.  Many factors go into setting premiums.  If you forgo a claim, however, you will end up subsidizing your necessary repairs in spite of having insurance.

Myth #2: You can expect us to cancel your policy if you file a claim.

The law in Florida and most other states expressly prohibits insurance companies from cancelling coverage merely because an insured has filed a legitimate claim.  When an insurance company engages in this practice, the carrier may be subject to liability for insurance bad faith.

Myth #3 You do not have a viable claim because you failed to notify us immediately of the incident and loss.

Insurance policies do impose deadlines for filing claims and submitting certain documents like a sworn proof of loss.  However, policyholders are not precluded from filing a claim because they did not file their claim the day of the loss or the next day.  Insurance policies allow you a reasonable time to file a claim, but you might want to consult with an experienced Florida insurance claims attorney to confirm deadlines that apply to your situation.

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