During the investigation of an insurance claim, insurance companies often ask their policyholders to produce a ton of information.  Not all of these requests are relevant to the specific issues involved in the claim.  And the requests are often burdensome and over broad.  Some of these requests will ask for private, sensitive financial information.  These requests may ask for social security numbers for the policyholder and even family members depending on the type of insurance claim.  The requests may also ask for dates of birth, driver's license numbers, birth certificates, passports, bank account numbers, information related to social media accounts (like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), etc.  The requests may even ask the policyholder to sign authorizations for the insurance company to order the policyholder's credit reports, bank statements, utility records, medical records, etc. You get the idea.  In this age of electronic data breaches and identity theft, what assurances do policyholders have that all of this information is being properly safeguarded by the insurance company and by the insurance companies' third party vendors that may have access to this highly sensitive information, and even against rogue insurance company employees? 

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