Examples of common forms of bad faith practices by insurance companies include:

  • Unreasonable delay in acknowledging and replying to a claim
  • Imposing excessive requirements on an insured to produce documents not required under the terms of the policy
  • Employing demeaning or harassing conduct in investigating a claim
  • Delaying, denying or discounting value of a claim without a proper basis
  • “Lowballing” claims payments
  • Alleging criminal conduct on the part of the insured (arson, insurance fraud, theft or other crimes) without competent evidence
  • Treating policyholders as adversaries
  • Policy cancellation for making a claim as retaliation
  • Failure to conduct a timely and thorough investigation of liability and damages
  • Electing not to pay a claim where coverage and damages are reasonably clear under one section of the policy as a negotiating advantage regarding settlement under another portion of the policy
  • Suggesting that an insured should not retain an insurance claims lawyer
  • Conducting a biased investigation
  • Conducting an outcome oriented investigation
  • Intimidating policyholders into abandoning a claim or accepting a lowball offer
  • Intentional misinterpretation of policy language
  • Searching for reasons to deny a claim rather than a basis to pay a claim
  • Intentionally misconstruing or misinterpreting the law to the disadvantage of the policyholder
  • Shifting the responsibility or obligation for conducting an investigation to the insured
  • Disregarding the insurance companies own procedures enumerated by its claim’s manual
  • Failing to timely tender policy limits

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