If your property is damaged in a hurricane in Florida, the potential financial loss can be devastating.  While your homeowners insurance coverage can provide valuable security against such a loss, many insurance companies drag their feet during the claims process and deny legitimate claims in the hope that policyholders will abandon their claim.  Although this strategy might seem unfair to an insured, this approach has played a key role in the insurance industry becoming one of the most profitable segments of the U.S. economy.  

What steps should you follow if your property is damaged in a hurricane?

If your home suffers damage in a Florida hurricane, you should take the following steps to preserve your rights and maximize the compensation received for your property damage claim:

  • Notify your insurance company immediately that you have experienced a loss
  • Undertake temporary repairs to mitigate further damage
  • Take lots of pictures/video of the damage following the hurricane
  • Gather and save any receipts or other documents that provides evidence of costs incurred because of damage caused by the hurricane
  • Meticulously document all communications with your insurance company
  • Create an inventory of damage to your residence and personal property inside your home

These simple steps can improve the chances that you receive the full value of your loss.  This approach anticipates defenses like failure to provide timely notice while equipping you with the records to back up your claim and confirm inappropriate actions by your insurance company.

Common excuses asserted by Florida homeowners insurance companies to justify not paying the full value of your claim:

“Although we will pay to restore your house to its condition immediately prior to the hurricane, we will not cover the cost of compliance with changed building codes.”

“The loss is due to water damage caused by flooding which is not covered under your homeowner's policy.”

“Mold on your walls or ceiling can simply be washed off, so there is no reason to destroy the drywall.”

When insurance companies shirk their contractual obligations to rebuild or repair after accepting a homeowner's premiums, an experienced insurance claims lawyer holds insurance companies accountable to policyholders.  

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