Although high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can usually be managed effectively with medication, when you do experience the symptoms of this condition, it can be debilitating.  If you have high blood pressure, you know how difficult it can be to function normally when you are dizzy, have a headache or a nosebleed. 

These symptoms of high blood pressure aren't the only complications associated with this disorder.  Hypertension has been linked to heart attack and stroke.  Blood pressure goes up as your heart pumps more blood and your arteries become restricted.  Without proper treatment, hypertension can result in artery damage, heart failure, aneurysm and kidney complications. 

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you could be entitled to long term disability insurance benefits.  When a medical condition keeps you from working and earning the income you need to pay your bills and take care of your family, these long term disability insurance benefits can be the answer you are looking for. 

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