According to statistics, there are over 16,100 nursing homes, assisted living and long term care facilities in the U.S.  This includes nearly 1.7 million beds which are 86 percent occupied.  The average length of stay for patients is over 2 years. 

When a family makes the difficult decision to place their loved one in a nursing home facility, they trust that the nursing home will provide a safe and nurturing environment for their loved one's golden years.  Unfortunately, during a recent two year study, over 30% of nursing homes were cited for abuse and neglect.  Even worse, the study showed that the vast majority of abuse and negligence complaints are never reported to appropriate authorities.  This creates an under reporting of complaints which are not included in nursing home statistical reports.  The number one reason cited for the under reporting of abuse and neglect complaints is that nursing home residents and patients fear retaliation and further abuse and harm from their alleged perpetrator.  It is predicted that this problem will worsen as baby boomers age, thus causing nursing home population to quadruple by the year 2050.

Current statistics show that every year in the U.S. thousands of nursing home patients are abused or neglected with over 15,000 nursing home patients killed due to abuse, abandonment and neglect as a result of:

  • Nursing Home Bedsores
  • Nursing Home Falls & Fractures
  • Nursing Home Equipment Malfunction
  • Nursing Home Infections & Diseases
  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Nursing Home Physical Abuse
  • Nursing Home Sexual Abuse
  • Nursing Home Wrongful Death

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