What is a proof of loss?

Homeowners who sustain property damage, may have to complete a form called a “proof of loss” for their insurance company.  The proof of loss is a sworn legal document that provides the insurance carrier information about the loss and damages. 

A proof of loss will likely require documentation in support of the claim and requested damages. Although the actual compliance requirements vary from policy to policy, most policies require the proof of loss to be submitted to the insurer within 60 days after the date of the loss, or from the time when the insurer requests the document.

What kind of information is required on a proof of loss form?

Most insurers will have a standard proof of loss form. The type of information required on the proof of loss form will depend on the insurer. For example, the National Flood Insurance Program (administered by FEMA) has a form that requires basic information such as: policy number, the policy term, the amount of the building coverage at the time of loss, the amount of the contents coverage at the time of loss, name of insurance agency, and agent information. It is a standard form that can be found online.

Other insurance carriers may require the type of loss that occurred, the time and date of the loss, and the claimed cause of the loss. If the claim is on the insured's home, the form may require that the insured state whether the premises were occupied at the time of the loss, or whether other persons had an interest in the property. 

The form will also ask about damages.  The insured should obtain estimates from contractors or other insurance professionals to substantiate the value of the loss.  

What type of documentation should be included with the proof of loss form?

Any records that back up the claim should be included.  This may include estimates, receipts, photos, video, etc.

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