Estimating the exact number of IV infiltration injuries in the United States annually is challenging due to a lack of a nationally defined reporting mechanism for the condition. However, it is known that IV infiltration, where fluid or medication intended for the vein leaks into the surrounding tissue, is not uncommon.

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) has indicated that the overall failure rate of peripheral venous catheter (PVC) insertions, which includes complications like IV infiltration, ranges from 35% to 50% in most healthcare settings. Within these failures, about 20% to 23% are attributed to infiltration events. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 34 million patients in the U.S. suffer from an infiltration every year. These statistics underscore the prevalence of the issue and the importance of monitoring and preventing such occurrences in healthcare settings​​.

Additionally, studies have shown that 35% to 50% of IV catheters in hospitalized patients fail, with IV infiltration being one of the common types of failure. This complication arises when non-vesicant solutions, IV solutions, and medications that do not have the potential to cause tissue damage through blistering and ulceration accidentally leak into the surrounding tissue​​.

The high incidence of IV infiltrations highlights the need for continuous monitoring and effective prevention strategies in healthcare settings to reduce patient harm and healthcare costs associated with these complications.

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