Undoubtedly, it can be infuriating to receive a letter from your homeowner’s insurance company stating that your claim for property damage has been denied.  After all, damage to your home is the very reason that you have homeowner’s insurance. To add insult to injury, since you live in Florida, you pay a lot of money to insure your home against damage.

It is important to understand that even though the insurance company has essentially said “no” to your claim, it is still quite possible that you will be able to recover on your claim for the damage that has occurred in your home. Now that you know that you don’t have to take “no” for an answer, it is time to look at the reasons why the insurance company may have denied your claim so that you (or your attorney) can know where to begin as you start trying to get that “no” turned into a “yes”.

One possible situation is that your insurance company may tell you that your claim is excluded under the terms of your homeowner’s policy. Different insurance companies write their policies in different ways, with some listing specific types of damage that are covered by the policy and others stating that they cover everything except certain items, which are referred to as the exclusions. Sometimes the difference between a loss being included within the coverage of your policy and being excluded from it lies in how you and your insurance company interpret the terms of your policy. Insurance companies tend to interpret insurance policies in a way which would be the most favorable to them, which often means denying as many claims as possible. 

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