“Auntie Jen” Connell has received considerable social media backlash after details emerged that she (allegedly) sued her young nephew for over $125,000 for injuries she sustained because of the young boy. According to the lawsuit and media reports, Ms. Connell was visiting her nephew and the boy’s family at their home. When Ms. Connell first arrived, the boy was riding a bicycle. Upon seeing his aunt, however, the boy dropped the bicycle and went running toward Ms. Connell. When the boy jumped and gave Ms. Connell a hug, Ms. Connell alleged her wrist was injured requiring two different surgeries to repair the damage.

Ms. Connell’s name came into the national spotlight after details emerged that she filed a lawsuit against her nephew, seeking $127,000 in damages. After being derisively branded by some as the “Auntie Christ,” Ms. Connell and her attorney were quick to explain that the impetus for filing the lawsuit was to seek payment for her expenses from the boy’s father’s homeowner’s insurance policy. It is worth noting that this scenario often occurs under slightly different circumstances, such as when a visiting relative is attacked by the family dog or sustains a fall on the property.

This scenario can put any injury victim in a difficult situation. The question arises whether the injury victim should pursue compensation for injuries by filing an insurance claim or preserve the “family peace” and attempt to handle the medical expenses and other costs in another way.

Unfortunately, obtaining compensation through an insurance claim may not always be as easy as submitting a claim with an injury victim’s own insurance company. The injury victim might be forced to attempt to obtain a judgment in his or her favor by filing a lawsuit against the responsible party and having that person’s insurance carrier pay the judgment.  Obviously, filing a personal injury lawsuit against a family member might not endear you to the family member who you sue.  However, it may be the only way to receive compensation for the loss.

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