Helicopter Crash Accidents

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According to statistics compiled by the Helicopter Association International, helicopter crash accidents amount to nearly 200 incidents per year, of which approximately 50 lead to fatal injuries.  Another 100 non-fatal injuries are attributed to these same accidents. 

Even though helicopter crash statistics may not seem very impressive, when a helicopter crash accident does happen, the injuries sustained might be catastrophic and life changing.  Furthermore, helicopter aviation produces a 30% higher accident rate compared to general aviation accident statistics.  In other words, it's 30% more dangerous to fly in a helicopter than an airplane.

Dissecting a helicopter disaster requires a team of specialists and experts to determine the cause of the crash.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will conduct an investigation.  Fully investigating and producing a final report on any aviation disaster case can take over one year. 

Common causes of injuries due to a helicopter accident can include:

  • Pilot Error
  • Engine or Mechanical Failure
  • Defective Helicopter Design
  • Air Traffic Controller Error
  • Federal Aviation Administration Negligence
  • Airport Ground Crew Negligence

Other causes of helicopter accidents include poor weather conditions, inadequate maintenance, faulty repairs, poor record keeping and inspections, takeoff issues, approach and landing issues, runway accidents, turbulence, and acts of terrorism.

Some of the type of helicopter crash accidents that we can investigate include:

  • Private Helicopter Crashes
  • Charter Helicopter Crashes
  • Tourist Helicopter Crashes

Miami, Florida Local Airports for Helicopters

  • Miami International Airport
  • Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport
  • Homestead General Airport
  • Opa Locka Executive Airport

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