Water damage to a home or business structure can be one of the most damaging causes of loss regardless of the source of the water.  Damage from water can wreak havoc while causing a financially ruinous amount of damage to your home or business.  While the typical insurance policy provides coverage for direct physical loss to your home or business that results from water damage, policies often carry significant limitations and exclusions that you need to understand. 

What type of water damage generally is covered under a homeowner’s policy?

While you should carefully review your policy and seek explanations in writing from your adjuster or a Florida insurance coverage attorney if you have questions, the source of the water intrusion into your home or business structure can be a critical factual issue.  When you suffer accidental and sudden water damage from water sources within the structure, damage caused by this type of water damage generally will be covered. 

Does my homeowner’s policy protect me if I experience a plumbing problem where water backs up in my pipes causing toilets, bathtubs, showers or sinks to overflow?

Yes, plumbing problems are a common and expensive cause of damage to homes.

What are common causes of water damage to a property?

Some examples include leaky refrigerators, defective ice makers, burst water pipes, leaky pipes, AC leaks, water heater breakdown, washing machine leaks, roof leaks and gaps in windows.

How might my insurance company attempt to justify denial of my water damage claim?

Many times insurance carriers contend that a claim for water damage was not made in a timely fashion or that the damage existed prior to the current claim.  A fair number of policies expressly exclude water damage if it appears the leak existed for longer than 14 days before the filing of a claim.  This particular exclusion is extremely unfair.  Insurance companies often rely on this language even when no visible damage existed until the loss was reported because the leak was in a floor, wall or ceiling.

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