Frequently Asked Questions by Long Term Disability Insurance Claimants

J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
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If you suffer a disabling disease or injury that prevents you from engaging in your chosen occupation or working at all, long-term disability insurance can provide crucial benefits.  Unfortunately, many insurance carriers deny disability claims resulting in overwhelming financial hardships for claimants and their families.  

What information should you provide to your long-term disability insurance carrier?

Claimants need to recognize that insurance companies requesting information are not just processing a claim.  Much of the information requested is often sought to justify denying claims or to terminate benefits.  With this fact in mind, an insured should provide all of the information that is needed to process the claim.  Most people with claims should seek legal representation because the information collection process requires close monitoring as any information provided might be used to undermine a legitimate claim.  The insurance company might be entitled to information regarding your employment, medial history, and certain financial information.

What is the likelihood that you will ever need to file a disability claim?

People tend to underestimate the likelihood they will need to pursue a long-term disability claim.  An average healthy female employee working in an office setting has almost a one in four chance of needing to go on disability during the course of her career for at least three months according to the Council for Disability Awareness.  The risk of a disability claim at some point of a female’s life that last at least five years is almost 4 in 10 according to the same source.  Similarly, a male employee has more than a 20 percent probability of suffering a disability of three months or longer during his working life, and almost the same probability as females of experiencing at least a five year period of disability at some point during his lifetime.

How long does the claims process take?

The time required to pursue a disability claim will vary depending on the circumstances and the terms of the policy.  If you talk to someone about assisting you in pursuing your claim, you should be suspicious about any assurances you receive regarding the length of time involved in pursuing the claim.  This is a guarantee that an experienced disability insurance professional should not make because there are many variables that impact the timeline.

Can you file a claim prior to being off work?

Although many policies require that the insured not be working, some policies provide coverage for partial or residual disability claims.  

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