When children and minors under the age of 18 are removed by state authorities from their respective parents or custodians, they are usually placed in foster care.  Foster care is a system whereby certified individuals serve as the child's foster parents until there is a reunification with the child's biological parents, foster care parents convert to a legal guardianship, or the child is legally adopted. 

According to U.S. statistics, during a typical year there are an estimated 513,000 children in foster care.   Of this figure, approximately 46% of the children are placed with non-relative foster care families, 24% are placed in relative foster homes, 10% are placed with institutions, and the remaining children are placed in group homes, pre-adoptive homes and other similar settings.

Most foster care parents are good, law abiding citizens.  However, children in foster care programs do suffer injuries, abuse and even death while in the custody and control of foster care parents and institutions.

Foster care children have already suffered enough through neglect and abuse from their parents.  Unfortunately, some children continue to suffer injuries and abuse at the hands of their foster care parents.  U.S statistics show that nearly 20% of all child abuse victims are in the custody and control of foster care parents and institutions. 

The most common foster care facilities where child injuries and abuse cases occur include:

  • Foster Care Institutions
  • Foster Care Group Homes
  • Non-Relative Foster Care Parents
  • Relative Foster Care Parents
  • Pre-Adoptive Foster Care Parents
  • Government Agencies Responsible for Foster Care Programs

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