Did you know that Florida is the state with the most boats? Unfortunately, it is also the state where the most boats are stolen every year. It is estimated that over a thousand boats are stolen each year in the Sunshine State.

If you own any type of watercraft, it is important that you insure it against theft. Of course, there are other reasons to insure your boat as well, including damage and injuries from boating accidents and accidents that could occur during transport and storage. Your insurance agent can help you choose a boat insurance policy that is right for you, but be sure that they understand your needs so that they can select the correct type of policy. For example, you may opt for year-round coverage if you use your boat all year, but you may not need that type of coverage if you only use your boat in the summer.

The statistics on boat theft in Florida are interesting, but not surprising. Jet skis are more likely to be stolen than boats, and small motorboats are more likely to be stolen than other, larger types of boats. Summer time is prime time for boat thefts, with July being the month in which more boat thefts are reported than any other. Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County have more boat thefts than other areas in Florida do, so boat owners in these areas should be extra cautious when selecting security devices and storage facilities for their boats.

In addition to insuring your watercraft against theft, boat and jet ski owners can prevent theft by implementing some smart strategies. One such strategy is turning off the fuel supply lines on the boat when it is not in use to disable it. Remove your keys, registration, and title paperwork from the boat each time you get out of the boat. If your boat is on a trailer, use a trailer hitch lock. Whenever possible, park your boat and trailer in a locked garage or a reputable boat storage area.

Unfortunately, some boats do get stolen even after the boat owner takes precautions to deter theft. If your boat is stolen, report the theft to law enforcement and your insurance company right away. As with any other type of insurance claim, prompt action can help you recover sooner. When you file your claim, know that it is possible that your claim will be denied for some reason or for no reason at all. If this happens to you, it is important that you not give up hope that you will recover on your stolen boat claim. People whose stolen boat claims have been denied can often get their claims settled with the aid of an experienced stolen boat insurance claims attorney.

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