The predictions for this year’s hurricane season vary greatly, depending upon who you ask. Some meteorologists and other amateur and professional weather watchers predict a slow hurricane season for 2015, while others predict a very active and intense hurricane season for this year. Even if the forecasts were not as varied as they are, it is important that property owners and renters look over their insurance policies now, so that they will be protected in the event of a storm.

If your property has never been damaged by a storm, you may wonder whether you really need as much insurance as you currently have. While it is true that some hurricane seasons are much more damaging than others, there is no way to know for sure when the storms will come and exactly where they will strike. Carrying adequate insurance at all times is the best way to ensure that you will be protected if and when your property is damaged.

Professionals who work in the insurance industry suggest that property owners and renters read through their property insurance or renter’s insurance policies annually. When you read your policy, make note of any changes that have occurred to your property or your possessions over the past year. Perhaps you remodeled the kitchen, or maybe you did an even bigger remodeling project. You may have sold some valuable possessions, or you may have acquired new items. If anything has changed, it is possible that you may need to adjust the value of your insurance policy so that you can recover fully if there is a loss. Contact your insurance agent to discuss the changes that have taken place over the past year, and they can help you determine whether your current coverage is adequate or not.

You may also want to take an inventory of the contents of your home or apartment. People who have an inventory of their possessions generally have an easier time recovering for their losses, and they are also more likely to recover the full value of what was lost than people who do not have an inventory. The high quality cameras that are found in many smartphones make snapping pictures of your electronics, tools, furniture, art, and other valuable items so easy to do. Store your photo inventory in a safe place, so that you will be able to retrieve it if anything happens to your home or apartment.

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