A recent study shows that Florida families, especially those in the middle-class, are feeling the brunt of health insurance premium increases. Between 2000 and 2008, families saw their insurance premiums go up as much as 89 percent. 

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the average Florida family paid on average of $2,323 for their employer-sponsored health plan. That number grew to $4,412 in 2008. 

For those Floridians who are single middle-class earners, their premiums increased by as much as 78 percent. The average premium cost was $597 in 2000 and jumped to $1065 eight years later. 

Unfortunately, many employees are seeing their employers put more of the financial burden on them to help save costs for companies. Some employers have stopped paying for insurance health plans altogether. Studies have shown that more middle-class earners are becoming uninsured. 

"The fallout from rising health insurance costs hits everyone," said the Robert Wood Johnson president and CEO, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey. "Employers must choose between either passing on costs to workers who cannot afford the increases and therefore drop coverage or paying more for their employees' coverage at the cost of creating and preserving jobs."

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