If your home and its contents are damaged by a hurricane, fire, theft, lightning, water, plumbing pipe break, or another peril, your financial security can be clouded by loss of this valuable family asset.  Although you might expect that your homeowners’ insurance will provide the money to rebuild or repair your home, insurance companies frequently use vague language and strained interpretations of policy exclusions to deny claims.

Even if the insurer ultimately pays the claim, the insurance company might still make unreasonable demands for documents and information while drawing out the process of evaluating your claim.  While delays increase the financial pressure on a policyholder to settle for less, the insurance company increases its profits by keeping money invested rather than paying it out to policyholders.  This blog provide answers to five more questions that often face homeowners who have suffered damage to their residence and the personal property inside the home.

Will a homeowners’ policy cover damage to the basement of a home if lightning damages the sump pump?

Generally, homeowners’ policies will cover lightning damage, but damage caused exclusively by the sump pump may be not covered.  Compensation for damage to the basement also might be subject to a specified limit depending on the policy.

Does homeowners’ insurance cover a home that is damaged by a tree that blows over and damages the roof of a home?

In most cases, damage to the roof of a home will be covered by a homeowners’ policy.  The cost of clearing the tree from the property also will be covered in most instances, but you should review your policy to confirm coverage.  The policy might require separate tree removal or debris coverage.

What protection is available if the child from next door trips and falls on your property?

If someone like your neighbor visits your property and experiences injury or property damage, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the medical bills and property damage.    The insurance company also must provide your defense if someone injured on your property files a lawsuit for personal injury against you.

Will your homeowners’ insurance cover your damaged or destroyed inventory if you operate a home based business?

Basic homeowners coverage will not extend to a small business operated in your home, but you can purchase a rider that will cover business activities in your home.  Alternatively, you can purchase a business policy to cover lost inventory or damage to business equipment in your home.

Is personal property that your son takes to college that is stolen or damaged covered by your homeowners’ policy?

The personal property taken from the home by your son to college may be covered, but homeowners’ policies limit the extent of coverage for some types of personal property.

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