Following the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to deal with is a life insurance company.  However, life insurance can provide the necessary money to cover funeral costs, medical expenses, and can act to supplement or replace the income of the deceased policyholder for the family.  It is important to understand what is involved in filing a life insurance claim, so that you do not create any unnecessary delays in the claims process.

The beneficiary should review the details of the policy to become familiar with the benefits and the requirements of the claims process.  If you cannot locate the policy, contact the life insurance agent, the life insurance company, and/or the insured's employer (if the policy was obtained through the employer) and request a certified copy of the complete insurance policy.  Review the policy and determine your duties under the policy.  

Once you have reproted the claim to the insurance company, there will be forms that you will need to complete. Each adult beneficiary is generally required to complete a proof of death form.  Other supporting documents will be required by the life insurance company, such as a certified copy of the death certificate and medical authorizations. Once all of the forms are completed and the necessary paperwork is gathered, you will need to submit everything to the life insurance company.

Sometines a life insurance company will deny a claim based on fraud or material misrepresentation.  In that situation, you should contact an experienced life insurance claims attorney immediately.  An experienced life insurance claims lawyer can help you if you have been denied a life insurance payout or if your claim is being delayed.

The article, Top 4 Things You Need to Do to File a Life Insurance Claim, has additional helpful information regarding filing a life insurance claim.

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