Most insurance policies contain provisions allowing insurance companies to question the policyholder under oath (the EUO).  Examinations under oath are also known as sworn statements.  Usually examinations under oath or sworn statements are conducted in person by attorneys on behalf of the insurance company in contrast to recorded statements which are typically conducted by claims adjusters on the phone on behalf of the insurance company.  EUOs are also conducted in the presence of a court reporter who transcribes the process.  In theory, the purpose of an EUO is to help an insurance company gather information to investigate the claim.  In practice, an EUO often turns adversarial and is used by the insurance carrier to intimidate and harrass the policyholder by seeking irrelevant information and requesting endless streams of documents.  A request for an EUO is often the last step prior to the formal denial of the insurance claim.  A policyholder who receives a request for an EUO and hasn't already retained an experienced insurance claims lawyer, is well advised to do so promptly. 

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