Smile!  You're on candid camera!!

If you are receiving long term disability insurance benefits, a private investigator hired by your insurance company may be lurking in your bushes.

Long term disability insurance companies are known to conduct surveillance on claimants in hopes of catching them doing something that can be used in support of denying their insurance claim or in support of terminating benefits. The private investigator will try to catch the insured in the act of doing something that can be claimed to be inconsistent with the claimant's disability restrictions. 

In one of our cases, the long term disability insurance company obtained video of our client exercising at the gym and used the video against our client in the litigation in spite of the fact that our client was following doctor's orders to exercise!

These investigators are often selective about the footage they obtain and may even edit the footage after the fact. 

Here is how not to give your long term disability insurance company surveillance ammo:

  • Tell the truth in your interactions with the insurance company.
  • When you file a claim and are being interviewed about your disability, don't exagerate.
  • Keep in mind that whatever activities you tell the insurance company that you can no longer do or that you are limited in doing will be the subject of surveillance video.  In other words, your insurance company will attempt to catch you on video doing the exact activities that you told them that you can no longer do.
  • Know what is in your medical records.  Your doctor may state in a medical note that you told him or her that you can't do activity "so and so".   
  • Live your life under the assumption that you are on video 24 hours a day. 
  • And be vary careful about what you post on social media.

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