How Do You Document Your Water Damage Insurance Claim?

J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
Founder of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A.

What do you do when you suffer water damage to your home?

Since you have read my prior blogs on mitigating your damage and notifying the insurance company promptly about your loss, you know how important it is to mitigate and notify.

The next step in the water damage claims process is the insurance company's investigation of your claim.  This is the stage where your insurance company is asking you for information about your water damage claim.  The insurance company may ask you for records related to repairs, require that you submit to a recorded statement or examination under oath, etc.  You should cooperate with these requests and you should consult with an insurance claims professional to help you navigate the claims process.

But you must also document every step of the claim.  Document, document, document!  For example, you should take photographs or video of the water damage to your property.  You should document all of your communications with the insurance company in writing with fax confirmations, email confirmations and even with certified mail, return receipt requested, for particularly important exchanges of information.  You should collect the names and addresses of all involved vendors such as plumbers, water restoration companies, and any other witnesses.  You should keep copies of any records that you provide to the insurance company.  You should keep receipts for any monies that you spend as a result of the loss.

Your documentation of the claim will be key in the event that your claim is denied or lowballed and your claim has to be brought in court.

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Water damage claims can be an ongoing, serious, drawn out process.
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