For an IV infiltration or extravasation, the recommended treatment can vary depending on the severity and the type of substance that was infused.

  • IV infiltration occurs when non-vesicant fluid (fluid that does not cause blistering or tissue necrosis) inadvertently enters the surrounding tissue. This can happen if the IV catheter becomes dislodged from the vein.

  • Extravasation is more serious and occurs when vesicant drugs (drugs that can cause severe tissue damage, such as blistering or necrosis) leak into the surrounding tissue.

The general recommendations are as follows:

  • For an IV infiltration with a non-vesicant solution, applying a cold compress initially can help reduce swelling and discomfort. After the initial 24 hours, switching to a warm compress can promote circulation and help absorb the infiltrated fluid.

  • For extravasation involving vesicant or irritant substances, the treatment varies depending on the specific medication that has extravasated. Some substances may require cold packs to reduce inflammation and vasoconstriction to limit the spread of the substance, while others may require warm compresses to dilute the vesicant and promote blood flow to the area. In some cases, specific antidotes may be required, and surgical intervention might be necessary for severe cases.

In all cases, it is critical to stop the infusion immediately, remove the IV catheter, elevate the affected limb, and notify a healthcare professional. The specific treatment should be guided by the healthcare team based on the type of infiltration or extravasation, the substance involved, and the patient's condition. Always follow your institution's protocols and guidelines when dealing with these situations.

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