If you experience a significant loss to your home or business caused by theft, fire or some other calamity, you probably will need to file an insurance claim.  Many people in this situation for the first time are unaware of their rights or overly trusting that their insurance company will treat them fairly.  Although policyholders often do not worry that their claim will be handled in a proper and timely manner, they should proceed cautiously.  Despite the fact that an insured is the “customer” of an insurance company, the financial interests of an insurer and insured are diametrically opposed when a peril causes damage to an insured’s home or business.  The insured wants a maximum payout while the insurer wants a minimum payout. 

Even though you may have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for good claims coverage, it is not uncommon to have to fight your insurance company to compel compliance with your insurer’s contractual obligations.  When this happens, you might benefit from retaining an experienced insurance claims attorney to represent you in dealing with your insurance company.  Following are some guidelines in handling the hiring of legal representation for your claims dispute.

Should you use your divorce lawyer to assist you with your insurance claim?

No.  While there is no legal requirement that you retain an experienced insurance claims attorney, most people would never consider hiring a podiatrist to perform surgery on their spine.  Insurance policies are complex contracts that are riddled with exceptions, exclusions, and limits that make it prudent to work with an attorney who routinely analyzes insurance policies.  Further, an experienced Florida insurance claims attorney will be familiar with the alternate dispute resolution options that might get your claim paid faster than litigation.  Lawyers who routinely represent policyholders in claims disputes also will have an established network of experts whose professional opinions can be used to support your position when contesting a denied claim.  If you are forced to proceed with litigation, experienced insurance claims attorneys can provide thorough knowledge of relevant statutes, case law, and procedural requirements in pursuing your lawsuit.

How can you afford an experienced insurance claims lawyer?

Most experienced insurance claims attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee basis, so you do not owe attorney fees unless a recovery is made on your behalf.  If your case does not qualify for a contingency fee agreement, the attorney will explain this at the outset of representation.

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