As the owner of a life insurance policy, you likely designated who will receive the life insurance benefits upon your death.  

It is critical to regularly review your life insurance beneficiary designations to make sure the information is up-to-date.  Changing and naming a beneficiary is a task that only you can do as the policyholder.  After your death, it is very challenging for your loved ones to dispute the beneficiary designation.

Your life insurance agent should be able to help you update your policy and ensure that there is no ambiguous language, such as using “wife” as your beneficiary.  Major life changes, such as a new marriage, divorce, or birth of a child should prompt you to review your policy.  You need to be clear on who you name as your beneficiary.

To dispute a life insurance beneficiary designation with an insurance company, the life insurance company would need to be alerted of the situation promptly and before the life insurance proceeds are disbursed. 

During the time that it takes to determine the rightful beneficiary, the life insurance proceeds will be held by the insurance company or deposited into the court registry.  If the individuals claiming the life insurance benefits cannot resolve the dispute on their own, the insurance company will file an interpleader action with the court and move the court for a ruling on the issue.

If you plan on challenging a life insurance beneficiary designation, please consult with an experienced life insurance claims lawyer. 

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