A Deltona house fire occurred at approximately 6:15 PM on Monday evening, March 8, 2010.  The Deltona Fire Department's Fire Loss Management Division and the State Fire Marshall's Office are now investigating the cause. 

Firefighters from the City of Deltona arrived at 2121 Arrowhead Drive in Deltona to find the house engulfed in flames. These flames could be seen coming through the roof and were also visible inside the house. 

According to off-duty Deltona Fire Department Paramedic/Engineer Bryan Maples, who arrived on the scene first, there were two people inside the house at the time of the fire. Fortunately, they were able to escape the inferno. However, Maples was required to treat one of the victims at the scene. The victim was transported to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, but was later released. 

Sixteen firefighters, three engines and a rescue truck were used to battle the flames. It took approximately 40 minutes to bring the house fire under control. 

The house was estimated to be approximately 1,800 square feet and the fire was blamed for about $150,000 in damage to personal items. 

The cause of the Deltona house fire is unknown and remains under investigation. 

House fires can be serious and lead to major issues for victims involved. We are thankful that no one was seriously injured.

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