Some of the reasons that life insurance companies delay paying death benefits include, but certainly are not limited, to the following:

  • Life insurance claim forms were not submitted, or not submitted in a timely manner
  • Claim forms were incorrectly or improperly answered, partially answered, or incomplete
  • Death certificate was not submitted or its authenticity is questioned
  • Life insurance company is disputing the cause of death
  • Company alleges that the deceased committed suicide
  • Company alleges that medical records were not submitted or received
  • The life insurance policy lapsed due to non-payment, late payment or other payment issue
  • Insurance company alleges material misstatements, misrepresentations, omissions or fraud in the application for insurance
  • Alleged use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs by the deceased
  • Death occurred during the two year contestability period and the insurance company is conducting post-claims underwriting investigations
  • Despite a legal beneficiary change during the lifetime of the insured, it is being questioned or investigated by the insurance company
  • Insurance company questions the beneficiary designation

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