While most individuals and families have one or more forms of insurance coverage, many policyholders are unsure of their policies’ scope of coverage, applicable exclusions, policy limits, pre-conditions for payment of a claim, and other important provisions.  Although the prospect of carefully reading the many pages of small font that comprise a policy might seem like a daunting task, knowledge regarding your contractual rights and duties is essential to obtaining the fullest compensation under an insurance policy. 

Many people have multiple forms of coverage, such as homeowners, commercial casualty and property damage, long-term disability, auto, and other forms of insurance.  The specific legal issues and claims challenges that must be overcome when seeking insurance benefits will depend on the type of policy, cause of loss, value of claim, and many other factors.  This blog post offers information to debunk common myths about homeowner’s policies in Florida.

Myth #1: Retaining an attorney to assist with getting your home repaired after a hurricane or fire will simply deplete the funds available to repair or rebuild your home.

An experienced insurance claims attorney can broaden the scope of your recovery plus obtain attorney's fees above your contractual benefits.  

Myth #2: The decision to hire an attorney will result in your insurance being canceled or your premiums being increased.

Under Florida law, homeowner’s insurance carriers are not permitted to take the punitive step of canceling your policy or increasing your premium because you retain an attorney to pursue a valid claim for property damage or insurance bad faith.

Myth #3: The high cost of retaining legal representation in a Florida insurance claims dispute makes it impractical for most policyholders to hire an attorney.

Reputable insurance claims lawyers in Florida generally do not ask for money up front.  Our insurance claims law firm typically works on a contingency fee basis when representing policyholders in breach of contract or bad faith lawsuits.  

Myth #4 Public adjusters provide a better option for pursing a homeowner’s insurance claim dispute than attorneys. 

Public adjusters can help you process an insurance claim but are not allowed to give legal opinions.  Only attorneys can represent you in a lawsuit against an insurer for a denied claim.  Whether you are suing to obtain the monetary value of damage to your home or to seek non-contractual damages for bad faith conduct by your insurer, civil litigation to obtain damages can only be pursued by a licensed attorney.

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