A study of 72 patients showed that migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome could be indicators of celiac disease, which is a medical condition defined by MayoClinic.com as, "a digestive condition triggered by consumption of the protein gluten." 

Researchers screened a group of patients who had biopsy-proven celiac disease.  The patients joined the study after hearing about it through advertisements.  During the study, researchers used a standard questionnaire to interview the participants. 

According to the research findings, close to one in three celiac patients had a history of migraine headaches and approximately 20 percent suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.  Researchers were surprised to find that epilepsy was not as common as they had expected, as only 4 individuals had a history of generalized or focal seizures. 

During the study, researchers also learned that people with celiac disease were prone to depression, personality changes and psychosis.  Thirty-five percent of the patients involved in the study reported a history of these mental conditions. 

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