When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to spend your time doing is searching for a missing life insurance policy.  It is not uncommon for the surviving family members and beneficiaries to be unaware of the location of an insured's life insurance policy or of the details of any life insurance policies. 

While there is no central database for locating life insurance policies, as part of your investigation into any potential life insurance policies, you should:

  • Contact any insurance agents that your loved one has used in the past.
  • Contact banks that your loved one has had accounts with.  Is there a safe deposit box?
  • Contact any probate or business attorneys that your loved one has used.
  • Contact past employers, trade associations, and unions for your loved one.  These frequently offer life insurance benefits to its members.
  • Contact your loved one's credit card companies.  Maybe they sold a policy to the insured.
  • Comb through credit card and bank statements for recurring premium payments to life insurance companies.
  • Ask family and friends.  They may have information about your loved one's life insurance policies.
  • If your loved one owned a business ask his or her partners and/or employees.
  • Search through your loved one's file cabinets, storage boxes, and bank deposit boxes for any relevant information.
  • Search through any address books that may contain helpful clues.
  • Contact any professionals that your loved one has worked with in the past, such as accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors.
  • Search your loved one's emails for communications from life insurance companies.
  • Keep an eye on your loved one's mail for correspondence from life insurance companies.
  • Seach your loved one's computer for records related to life insurance policies.
  • Search your loved one's social media accounts to determine if your loved one is "following" any life insurance companies.

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