When a policyholder files a long term disability insurance claim, the disability insurance company has the right under the insurance policy to request that the insured submit to an "independent medical exam or evaluation" ("IME") by a doctor chosen for and paid for by the insurance company.  Sometimes this "exam" comes in the form of a "paper review" where select medical records are sent by the long term disability insurance company to a doctor of its choosing for a review of the records with a request that this doctor answer certain questions relevant to the claim.   

Long term disability insurance companies typically use the same doctors over and over again for these evaluations.

Many of these doctors are paid six figures annually by insurance companies to perform these exams.

Essentially, these doctors are on the insurance companies' payroll.

Sounds like a pretty strong conflict of interest.

In other words, there is a strong likelihood that these doctors are biased in favor of the insurance companies in light of their financial arrangement.

Doesn't sound like a very "independent" arrangement at all.          

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