Catastrophic aviation crashes are rare, but when they do happen, severe injuries and death are almost guaranteed.  Very few people ever survive an airplane crash with only minor injuries. 

Dissecting an aviation disaster requires a team of aviation accident specialists and experts to determine the cause of the crash.  Aside from the National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) own accident investigation report, the victims of the crash, usually through their lawyers, will compile their own team to investigate and determine the cause of the crash.  If negligence or errors are to blame on any one party, there may be reason to bring a claim.

Even if the aviation crash accident took place in another country, victims may be able to bring their claims in the United States.  Victims can include passengers, pilots, crew members, airport ground employees, innocent bystanders and their respective decedents.

Common causes of injuries due to an aviation accident can include:

  • 1. Pilot Error
  • 2. Engine or Mechanical Failure
  • 3. Defective Aircraft Design
  • 4. Air Traffic Controller Error
  • 5. Federal Aviation Administration Negligence
  • 6. Airport Ground Crew Negligence

Other causes of aircraft accidents include poor weather conditions, inadequate maintenance, faulty repairs, poor record keeping & inspections, takeoff issues, approach & landing, runway accidents, turbulence and acts of terrorism.

Some of the aircraft types most commonly involved in accidents include:

  • Small Planes
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Private Planes
  • Cargo Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Charter Flights
  • Single Engine Planes
  • Glider Planes
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Blimps
  • Ultralight Planes
  • Gyroplanes

Miami Florida Local Airports

  • 1. Miami International Airport
  • 2. Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport
  • 3. Homestead General Airport
  • 4. Opa Locka Executive Airport

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