Yes, the elderly are generally considered to be more susceptible to medical malpractice for several reasons:

  1. Complex Medical Conditions: Older adults often have multiple, complex health conditions, which can make diagnosis and treatment more challenging. This complexity increases the risk of errors.

  2. Polypharmacy: The elderly are more likely to be taking multiple medications, which increases the risk of drug interactions and medication errors.

  3. Communication Barriers: Older patients may have hearing, vision, or cognitive impairments that can lead to misunderstandings or miscommunications with healthcare providers.

  4. Fragility and Recovery Time: Due to their fragility, older adults may be more susceptible to injury from medical procedures, and they often take longer to recover. A complication or a minor error can have more severe consequences in an elderly patient compared to a younger individual.

  5. Ageism: Unfortunately, ageism in healthcare can lead to the under-treatment or mistreatment of older patients. This can manifest as assumptions about their health status or quality of life that influence medical decisions.

  6. Lack of Advocacy: Elderly patients, especially those in long-term care facilities, may not have a strong personal advocate overseeing their care, making them more vulnerable to negligence.

  7. Difficulty in Recognizing and Reporting Mistreatment: Elderly patients might have difficulty recognizing or reporting mistreatment due to cognitive impairments or fear of retribution.

For the elderly and senior citizens, when malpractice does occur, the consequences can be more serious for an elderly individual.

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