Minors, particularly neonates and infants, are often considered more vulnerable to intravenous (IV) extravasations compared to adults. Extravasation is the accidental leakage of intravenously (IV) infused, potentially damaging medications or fluids into the surrounding tissue. Several factors contribute to the increased risk in minors:

  1. Thin and fragile skin: The skin of neonates and infants is significantly thinner and more delicate than that of older children and adults, making the veins more difficult to access and increasing the risk of both infiltration (where the IV fluid leaks into the surrounding tissue) and extravasation.

  2. Smaller veins: The smaller size of veins in infants and young children not only makes IV access more challenging but also increases the likelihood of the IV catheter causing irritation or damage to the vein walls, leading to extravasation.

  3. Limited communication: Minors, especially very young children, may not be able to communicate pain or discomfort as clearly or as quickly as adults. This can lead to delays in detecting an extravasation, increasing the potential for tissue damage.

  4. Reduced mobility: Infants and young children may not be able to move away from the source of discomfort or pain, potentially increasing the duration of exposure to the extravasating fluid.

  5. Rapid tissue damage: Certain medications and solutions can cause rapid tissue damage if they extravasate. Because the skin and subcutaneous tissues of young children are more delicate, the damage can occur more quickly and be more severe.

Due to these factors, healthcare providers should take extra precautions when administering IV therapy to minors, including frequent monitoring of IV sites, using the smallest possible catheter, securing the IV site properly, and preferring sites that are less likely to move or be dislodged.

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