Animal attacks are on the rise in the U.S. and worldwide.  It is believed that the increase is due to two main factors: 1) Urban Sprawl 2) Humans keeping wild animals as pets.   These two factors are causing humans to have increased contact with wild animals.  From pet alligators and tigers to chimpanzees and snakes, animal attacks are on the rise. 

Recently, it was reported that a 55 year old woman in Stamford, Connecticut was savagely attacked by a 14 year old pet chimpanzee.  The 200 pound chimpanzee attacked the woman during her visit to the chimpanzee owner's home.  The attack caused severe injuries to her face and hands.  The chimpanzee was later killed by police.  In the State of Florida, ownership of primates was banned in 1980.

Other domesticated animal attacks and bites involve cats, snakes, ferrets, iguanas and even birds.    

Dog bites and attacks on humans are even more common.  According to U.S. statistics, during a recent year there were a reported 35 fatal dog attacks.  Another 5,000,000 people suffer dog bites every year.  Nearly 1,000 people per day require emergency care to treat dog attack injuries.  Pit bulls and rottweilers make up over 60% of all dog attack fatalities. 

Dog and animal owners are responsible for their pet's behavior. In the State of Florida, whenever a dog or animal attacks and causes injuries, the owner of the dog or animal is strictly liable to the victim.

Many animal attack victims require multiple surgeries and physical therapy.  Reconstructive and plastic surgery are common.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) afflicts nearly all dog bite victims, therefore, psychological counseling is recommended.        

Dog and animal attack injuries can be catastrophic, especially to children. 

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