If you have homeowner's insurance, you probably feel confident that this insurance coverage will help you cover the costs of repairing your home if it were damaged. In many cases, it is true that your insurance policy will cover the costs of repairing your home. What you may not know is that getting those costs covered is not likely to be easy. Insurance companies are businesses, and, like all businesses, they are concerned about making as much money as possible. When you think about the work that an insurance company does, you can see that in order to make as much money as it can, insurance companies must pay out as few claims as it can, for as little money as it can.

As a homeowner, the above statement is likely to make you concerned because you pay a lot of money for your insurance and you do not have the time to fight with your insurer about why your claim should be paid or why the settlement offer that it has extended to you is completely inadequate. Fortunately, you do not have to take your insurance company’s “no” for an answer.

If your claim has been denied, know that your insurer is legally obligated to tell you why. Read your denial letter thoroughly, because understanding the reason for the denial can help you know what kinds of information you could gather which could cause your insurer to change their mind about denying your claim. 

In addition to reading the denial letter closely, read your insurance policy. It spells out the rights that you have under your insurance policy, and it is possible that the denial of your claim was made in violation of one of those rights, either intentionally, or by mistake. If you find that this has happened in your case, this can be a starting point for discussion with your insurer about why it should settle your claim.

The aforementioned suggestions may be helpful to you if your homeowner's property damage insurance claim has been denied. Many homeowners have used strategies like these to engage with their insurers and persuade them, often after investing quite a bit of time and energy into the process, to turn their denials into settlements. If you feel discouraged because your claim was denied and you do not think that you have the time and energy to do battle with your insurer, do not give up. Instead, call an experienced homeowners property damage insurance claims attorney.

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