At this point in the insurance claims process, you have likely:

1.  Notified your insurance company of your Irma property damage claim.

2.  Mitigated your damages.  In other words, you have done what you reasonably could to prevent your damages from getting worse. For example, tarped your roof, dried out any water intrusion, etc.

3.  Documented your damages by taking photos and/or video of the damages to your home.

4.  Hired a public adjuster, he or she should have inspected your home and communicated with your insurance company (if you hired a public adjuster).

5.  Allowed the insurance company to inspect the damage to your home.

6.  Had communications between you or your representative and the insurance company adjuster attempting to settle your claim.  A decision from your insurance company on your claim should have been made or should be immediately forthcoming.

If your claim is not moving along as described above, seek the advice of an experienced hurricane insurance claims lawyer.  We are seeing insurance companies engaging in delay tactics and lowballing Hurricane Irma claims payments.

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