The 2018 hurricane season is almost amongst us.  Another busy season is predicted.  After last year's stormy season, it does not look like we are in for a break this year.  It's never too early to get your hurricane preparations in order and your disaster plan in place.

Every Floridian should take personal responsibility for their family’s hurricane preparedness.  A personal disaster plan and a well-stocked disaster supply kit are necessary to ensure your family’s safety and security during a hurricane.

Residents of Miami-Dade County should already begin preparing for the 2018 Hurricane Season by preparing a personal and business disaster plan.  As we have already learned from prior hurricanes and other disasters, emergency workers may not be able to help you right away.  In fact, it may take three or more days for help to arrive. 

Having a plan in place right now will help you take care of your family and business during and after a storm. 

Your disaster plan should include:

  • Recommended amounts of non-perishable food and water based on your family’s specific needs.
  • Emergency contact information for your local emergency responders, family and friends, employer, and maps of the local evacuation zones.
  • Checklists of important steps to take before, during, and after a disaster.
  • Steps to take in preparing your business for a disaster, if you are a business owner.

Building a disaster supply kit is a simple and effective way to make sure your family has enough water, food, medicine and other essential supplies when other resources may not be readily available. Different families have different needs, so you need to be sure to take into account your family’s specific needs.

Please visit for more tips and information on how to protect your family, home, and business before, during, and after a storm. 

It is vital that you stay informed of the latest information during an approaching storm by monitoring a trusted local information outlet, and knowing when to put your family disaster plan into action. The best way for you to make your family, home, and business safer is to be prepared before a disaster happens.

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