2 Weeks Post Hurricane Irma: What Is Happening With Your Insurance Claim?

At this point in the insurance claims process:

  • You should have already reported your claim to your insurance company and secured a claim number.
  • You should have mitigated your damages.  This means that you did what you could to prevent further damage to your property, without putting yourself in harms way.  For example, if your roof was leaking you had someone place a tarp on your roof or did something else to prevent further water intrusion. 
  • You should have taken photos or video of all observable damage to your home or business.
  • You should have secured a copy of your insurance policy.
  • You are probably still waiting for an insurance company adjuster to inspect the damage to your home or business.  Hopefully, this visit is imminent.  But don't rely on any estimate of damages prepared by your insurance company.  Seek professional help in estimating your damages.

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